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"debual” (débjuəl) is a coined term, composed of three words: design, build, and alliance. We are a design-oriented architectural firm in Tokyo that embodies flexible design, construction accuracy, and collaboration between owners, contractors, and designers. Based on past professional experience with practices in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New York, our architectural work pursues articulated forms and refined spatial arrangements. We draw every single line with intent and responsibility, offering a coherent storyline and consistent architectural form.



Considering what is necessary and discarding excessive decor and function… With a focus on craft and repetition, architectural qualities are enhanced, and the essential core of the design is refined. These universally validated designs gain a graceful appearance throughout any era. Our goal is to provide architecture that lasts with dignity, staying relevant no matter how design trends change over time.


Buildings can be expressed with the use of wood, stone, steel, glass, and a number of other materials. We understand the characteristics of each object and develop individuality by fine and careful arrangement, alignment, juxtaposition, and assembly—the right material in the right place. Our architecture blends with the environment with long-lasting materiality and meticulous precision and care.


Designing buildings requires a deep understanding of broad restrictions that may include any combination of elements such as lot size, budget, local regulations, or structural limitations. We systematize our approach and transform each constraint into design solutions. We take building techniques and methods into consideration during the early design phases and we actualize efficient and practical construction. Our design identity stems from expanding our ideas and focusing in on realistic solutions.

From the richness of space to
spiritual fulfillment


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